Handmade & Bound is an independent fair with affordable, handmade artists’ books, comics and zines. It was conceived partly in response to the fact that there will be no London Artists book fair at the ICA in 2008, and further in response to the changes to the nature of that event when it returns in 2009 at the Whitechapel Art Gallery. So we decided to make our own.

The spaces are extremely limited, and the response has been incredible already. So we are trying to find ways to maximise the usage of the space.

The event we want to have will be based on handmade but affordable books and zines. We want to achieve a good balance between artists books and zines (in the DIY punk tradition).

Who should apply

In a nutshell: If you hand make your creation (whatever format or materials used) and it is a very limited edition.

Who shouldn’t apply

If you make a professionally or semi professionally produced magazine/comic/newspaper/book with a print run of thousands. Or generally speaking, if you send your artwork to a printer.

Contact us


There  is a core of 2 and a few invaluable friends and deputies who make this event happen. We do not get paid. We attempt to check the Handmade & Bound email account at least weekly, we will get back to you. Please be patient.